Applications for Indiana Limestone

Natural Stone, with its beauty and elegance, has been a material of choice throughout the history of building.  It provides beauty and durability with minimal maintenance.

Stone Ornamentation has been used in all orders of architecture throughout history.  Stone has been used in the creation of works of art that are as beautiful and emotionally moving as they are sturdy and everlasting.  These works of art have inspired generations of artist and designers to create architecture and landscaping elements that enhance the visual experience.

We will provide you with ideas, applications and specifications to help you design a distinctive, substantial look for your project and maintain that appearance for decades.

Whether your needs require simple sills or bands or more elaborate architectural touches like arches and cornerstones, Indiana Limestone fabricated by Liberty gives you with aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound design.

Limestone Sills Whether you prefer a rock-face or a sawed-face finish, our sills combine natural elegance with utility. To prevent further corrosion to masonry structures, an optional drip edge can be provided, forcing precipitation away from the wall.

Limestone HeadersIf a simple look is what you’re looking for, our sill stock can be installed as a window header providing superior structural reinforcement without sacrificing beauty.

Limestone Surrounds Why settle for partial framing when you can surround your windows and doors? An excellent way to create that “popping out” effect, there’s no better way to fully accentuate a window or door opening than with a genuine limestone surround.
Limestone Band Courses Use limestone to add interest to your plain brick or stone wall. Build in a layer of band course and you’ll be amazed at how well one or two courses of limestone can turn dull into dynamite.
Limestone Treads Making a first impression is everything. Before they enter your building, try greeting your guests with the distinguished beauty of genuine Indiana limestone treads and door sills from Liberty Limestone Co.
Limestone Hearths and Mantels Add elegance and sophistication to the interior of your home by using real limestone hearths and mantels. They add beautiful contrast to any brick fireplace and make it a more alluring characteristic of your home.

We make it all!

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