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How long have you been staying with outdated pavers in your residential space? Have you ever thought about upgrading it? If so, here we are to provide you with one of the best options to elevate your residential space with customized limestone. Here at Liberty Limestone Co., we specialize in designing and fabricating custom architectural stones for commercial and residential properties. In order to tailor customer requirements, we believe in delivering high-quality, stunning stone elements that alter your space and bring vision to life.

Thus, if you are looking to upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your residential property, look no further than choosing our architectural stone. Today, in this blog, you will learn how custom limestone medallions in Lakemoor play a pivotal role in upgrading your space’s beauty. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Role of Choosing Custom Limestone in Upgrading Residential Space

No matter whether you are planning to upgrade countertops, a fireplace, or your outdoor, custom limestone offers you numerous benefits. For centuries, limestone has been used in the building of pyramids, castles, and many other famous buildings. As a result, today, a vast majority of homeowners are showing their interest in considering limestone to revamp their commercial as well as residential properties. Some of the significant benefits of choosing custom limestone for your residential space are as follows:

Durability:  Limestoneis a durable material, which makes it a reliable option for custom home features. It is well-known for its resistance to everyday wear and tear, becoming the ideal choice for applications like flooring. Moreover, it has become the popular choice for homeowners in creating surfaces like countertops and tabletops.

Natural Beauty: Are you looking for a beautiful natural stone that can offer an authentic, warm, and earthy look? Opt for limestone that comes in a different range of colors, textures, and tones, enabling you to match your new investment to the existing features. Thus, if you are looking for a more minimalist approach to interior design, limestone balustrades in Wisconsin will cover you with all.

Cost Effective:  Another benefit of limestone is that it is affordable because it’s easily available. So, if you’re planning to add a natural stone that has a beautiful appearance and is cost-effective, limestone is your best option.

Versatility: Do you wish your special home feature to blend with your interior design perfectly? Consider the flexibility of limestone; you have the freedom to pick from various colors and have it crafted and shaped according to your desired look.

Easy Maintenance: Who does not want to add a material that is easy to clean and maintain? Limestone is the ideal choice because it can easily be cleaned with a limestone cleaning solution.


In searching for residential design, the transformative power of custom limestone plays a crucial role. These natural stones elevate the beauty of residential spaces and convey timeless elegance to make your property aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, if you are ready to embark on the journey of upgrading your residential property, come to Liberty Limestone Co., where we provide you with the best custom architectural limestone for commercial and residential property.