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The classic balustrades, with their enduring elegance, embellish the staircases in royal palaces, the Renaissance balconies, and the serene courtyards, adding a touch of majesty to any setting. The limestone artworks, which are decorative and functional, are the culmination of this work. The balustrades of limestone, which provide both functional support and an aesthetic complement, are a popular preference of designers and architects for their multiple possibilities. They effortlessly mingle with both the traditional and the contemporary architectural designs, therefore making them a perennial and elegant feature of historical and modern constructions.

See how incorporating a limestone balustrade into a building’s design can elevate it to a unique level.


What’s a balustrade?

A balustrade is a row of columns or posts with a rail on top. It can be used for support, safety, or aesthetic purposes. Balustrades are frequently used on raised terraces, balconies, and staircases. They are typically made of stone, metal, wood, or glass. Since ancient times, limestone balusters and balustrades have been used to enhance both internal and external architectural design with aesthetic appeal and practicality.

A fantastic illustration of the adaptability of balustrading is the Palace of Versailles, which is located close to Paris. Here, it is utilized to create various areas within the gardens, border balconies, and terraces and offer safety and support on staircases. Balustrades provide a practical purpose, but they are also frequently utilized to improve the architectural architecture of buildings.

Why go with a limestone balustrade?

Natural limestone balustrades provide many wonderful advantages, whether your goal is to guarantee that safety is a key component of the building’s design or to create a distinctive, exquisite architectural feature.


The advantages of limestone

Since ancient times, limestone has been utilized in construction and is still a common building material today. These are just a few of the many benefits of using limestone in your balustrade design.


Let us create your limestone balustrade.

Consult the professionals at Liberty Limestone if you want to incorporate limestone balustrades or balusters into your architectural design.

Our professional stonemasons can create a fully customized limestone balustrade for any project. We own and run our quarries, giving us total control over the provenance and quality of our stone. Visit our gallery for a little inspiration and to witness firsthand the incredible adaptability of natural stone.

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