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When creating a durable and functional space, every little detail counts. Every component, including the flooring and fittings, adds to the building’s or outdoor space’s overall appeal and usefulness. Among these features, base rails and handrails are frequently overlooked, although they have a vital function and a chance to improve the design. The long-term durability and aesthetic appeal of a structure can, however, be strongly impacted by the choice of premium materials.

The solution is to use handrails and base rails made of limestone. Because limestone is so strong and durable, it’s a perfect material for base rails and railings. This natural stone has long been used in construction and architecture.

If you are looking for high-quality limestone handrails & base rails, count on Liberty Limestone. With more than 25 years of industry expertise, we have established a solid reputation for quality and meticulousness. From conception to installation, our team of skilled artisans and designers collaborates with you to guarantee that the finished product surpasses your expectations. Our area of expertise is in custom architectural stone design and fabrication for residential and commercial properties.

Our passion is providing exquisite, high-quality stone items that complete your space makeover and realize your idea. Our primary material of choice for work is limestone. Every project is made specifically for you, based on your specifications, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind and customized final product.

Benefits of Choosing a Professional for Designing Hand & Base Rails


Architectural limestone balusters are the epitome of sustainability, durability, beauty, and usability combined. They endure as timeless representations of great architecture, gracing structures worldwide and surpassing trends. Limestone balusters enhance the visual appeal and strength of any architectural masterpiece, whether they are used to decorate luxury estates, historical sites, or modern homes.

Liberty Limestone aims to become a renowned company that caters to the most esteemed enterprises in the construction industry by offering tailored products and prompt service. We think that our employees’ personal and professional growth will result in higher customer satisfaction through outstanding product quality, prompt service, and honesty. Contact us for any queries.

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